Newsletterplugin for Dokuwiki


to send reminders about our group of regulars i'd like to send a newsletter some days before. This newsletter should be send to the mailadresses of registered Users of our wiki.

included features

  • Placeholder to add name, username and mailadress to the newsletter


  • german
  • english

Parts that need to be reviewed

  • Who translates it into more languages?
  • the layout doesn't look goot - volunteers needed
  • check security
  • ask if user really wants to send mail after clicking send button
  • implement more features


planned features

  • save sent newsletters, maybe deselectable for reminders or so
  • saved newsletter-templates for reminders…
  • add additional recipients (who do not have an account for your wiki), saving of those recipients
  • maybe a feature to give the users a tool to sign/unsign the newsletter (does help?)
  • maybe manage multiple newsletters that could be signed seperately
  • maybe give a selection what usergroups should become a newsletter (admins, mods,…)


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